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Chartererís Liability

Who needs chartererís liability? Everyone who charters a boat.

Why? Because yachts do not (normally) cover the liability of a charterer or guests. The yachtís insurance covers the liability of the owner and crew but in the event a charterer causes damage to the yacht or to a third party, the chartererís assets are not protected by the vesselís policy.

And in spite of what the charter contract says, a chartererís financial responsibility is NOT limited by the terms of the contract. This means that if a charterer does $1,000,000 of damage, the charterer Ė one way or another Ė is responsible for $1,000,000.

At CYA, we routinely interpret and counsel on the implications of charter contracts (MYBA, FYBA, CYBA, AYCA) and what those contracts do and donít do regarding protecting a chartererís liability. But chartererís liability isnít just good for the charterer Ė itís good for the yacht owner as well.

CYA can provide Chartererís Liability for persons chartering under any contract anywhere in the world. For more information contact us at or click here to be directed to the Charterer Liability worksheet located on the Forms page.

Charter Interruption/Cancellation and Travel Medical

You spend a lot of money chartering a yacht. Charter amounts, APA, flights to and from the ports of embarkation/disembarkation, hotels, etcÖ It would be a shame for you to lose money in the event your charter is interrupted or cancelled; so cover your assets with travel insurance.

Interruption/cancellation insurance can be written for charters and can cover trips of virtually any amount, going anywhere in the world. While these trips include medical coverage, additional medical protection can be purchased to cover you during your trip.

Click here for more information or to apply for travel insurance or travel medical coverage, or contact CYA at

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