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Which flag is best for my yacht? It depends, among other things, on how the vessel is to be owned and how and where the vessel is to be used – or it may be as simple as the owner’s preference and how the flag looks on the back of the vessel.

For assistance with flagging or re-flagging a vessel, contact CYA at

Company Formation
Buying a vessel? Need to set up an offshore corporation for your vessel and/or captain? Contact CYA at and let us guide you through the process.

In order to ensure safety at sea and prevent injury or loss of human life and damage to the marine environment, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) implemented the International Safety Management Code (ISM).

ISM plans are required on all commercially operated charter yachts in excess of 500 tons and has gained in popularity for owners of smaller vessels – commonly referred to as mini-ISM.

ISM plans are comprehensive and require constant monitoring but at CYA our strategic partnerships with companies specializing in this service can make the initial set-up process and the on-going management of the plan very smooth; and affordable.

For more information on setting up an ISM plan contact CYA at

Where is your vessel going and how is it going to be used? What are the requirements for entering different territories and can my vessel charter there? Does a flag make a difference? What about VAT?

All are important questions that need to be answered BEFORE you cruise to ensure that your vessel is properly documented for its intended use. Failure to do so can lead to financial penalties as well as possible seizure of the vessel. Contact CYA for questions regarding all of your cruising issues.

General Information
Take a look at the available files regarding
ISM, IMO, Jones Act and Lonshore Act and contact CYA at with any questions.

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